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By signing & returning us your applications, you certify that (I) you are authorized to apply on behalf of the company whose full legal name appears under the Company Information portion of the Loan Application for a business loan and (II) all information you provide within the Loan Application and other supporting documents is true and complete, and that you will notify us of material changes to such information. You understand and agree that we, and our agents, and assignees are authorized to contact 3rd parties, and make inquiries in evaluating your Loan Application (including requesting business and personal credit bureau reports from credit reporting agencies and other sources) or for any update, renewal extension of credit bureau name and address. You understand and agree that we may provide credit and other information from the Loan Application and on the signing individual(s) and the company with 3rd parties who may use the information for lawful purposes, including for the purpose of offering credit and/or other products and services to the signing individual(s) and/or the company.

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Victory Group specializes in business credit options such as:

 Business Loans

 Small Business Credit Builder

 Lines of Credit

 SBA Loans

 Unsecure Line of Credit

 Micro Loans

 Business Credit Cards

 Mystery of Business Credit


To achieve your goal of funding, our Funding Specialist will analyze every aspect of your business and personal credit

How It Works


Our company works with an exclusive network of lenders who are actively approving business lines of credit.

We strategically create a path that enables our clients to start a business, expand their goals of business credit, or increase available cash reserves. Let us help you create a successful path to business funding.

At Victory Group, we specialize in meeting client and lender needs to help bridge the gap in what may be considered the missing pieces to the funding puzzle.

To aid our lenders and clients in obtaining Business Credit, Victory Group will create a plan specifically tailored to your funding needs.

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We work with a wide variety of lenders which provides optimal chances for finding the perfect lending partner for your business. We work with you to set the right elements in place for a viable and compelling loan package to finance your company.

Your financials and business credit may not be perfect or appealing, but patiently counseling with our advisors will help you in becoming the ideal candidate for business financing. We have trained mentors that understand the underwriting guidelines to aid you in assembling loan puzzle so you can obtain the financing you are looking for.