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✓ Funding Assessment

The number one reason why a business fails is under capitalization.

     Making sure your business is compliant with some essential but required steps will give your business the highest probability of obtaining funding. Our Funding Assessment and family of products are very comprehensive and intuitive. They, along with our expert coaches will breakdown and guide you through each of the steps in obtaining Business Financing in this type of lending environment. By using our step-by-step builders and relying on your Coach, we’ll provide you all the instructions needed to ensure everything within your business credit profile is in compliance with typical underwriting guidelines.

✓ Expert Consulting

You need a strategic partner that understands the market.

     To obtain business financing in this type of lending environment, you need a strategic partner who understands the current lending market. You also need a partner who is dedicated in achieving the end result–getting your business funded. You will find that partner in us! We have partnerships with lenders who have money to lend and who believe that now is the prime time to re-invest back into the American Business. Through our partnerships we are able to help existing businesses expand and start-up companies flourish. Through our resources you will be able to possibly obtain Business Lines of Credit, get a Start-up Loan, Small Business Loans, SBA Loans and may be given some other viable financing options.

✓ Loan Package Preparation

Having a well-developed loan package is essential for financing.

     A loan package will need to be created before submitting a loan application. This package will need to be a dramatic, impressive presentation that will help you and your business seem credible, viable, and improve your chances of being approved. Having a comprehensive and well-developed loan package for your business is essential for obtaining financing. To lenders, a plan not only provides information and reveals an evaluation of your businesses feasibility, but also reflects your management abilities. An analytical, objective business plan convinces lenders that you are cautious, conservative, and capable. One that is poorly researched, makes unsupported assumptions, or draws unfounded conclusions shows you are inexperienced and – in their eyes – reckless.

✓ Business Plan Development

Successful businesses need a clear understanding of the customer.

    For any business to be successful, it must be started and operated with a clear understanding of its customers, its internal strengths, its competitive environment, and a vision of how it will evolve to compete in the future. Preparing a professional and effective business plan will take time but is well worth the effort in the long run. This document will provide valuable information to outside investors and lenders and will outline your goals for operating your business. Presenting this information is easily the most important function of your business plan. It will become your blueprint and provide direction for achieving your overall business goals.

✓ Funding Source Access

Be connected to all possible funding sources.

    We provide direct access to loans for new and established business owners from various funding sources. Be connected to all possible funding sources within our database and avail yourself the highest probability of receiving financing.

✓ BizFunding Products

Smart Funding Strategy Programs

     Victory Group offers an array of online product programs designed to specifically address and overcome each of the many obstacles your business enterprise may encounter during the funding process. There are countless ways to better position a business prior to the application process. Consider the following areas. Is your personal credit separate from your business credit? Is your company structured with the right type of entity formation? How does your current business plan stack up? What can you do to enhance your business credit portfolio? Is your company aligned with the 14 Compliance Steps? Do you have a business website? Yes, these are the very items, and many more, that underwriters consider before approving funds. The good news is these obstacles can easily be overcome with solutions provided by Central Business Funding to help your business enterprise be correctly positioned to succeed in acquiring funding.

✓ Small Business Loans become a bit easier if you accept credit cards

Prepare for your Business Loan by accepting credit cards.   

More Convenience 
Whether you have an offline or online business, accepting credit cards will produce positive results for your business.

Allowing credit card transactions will help establish your status in the industry. It will also contribute to a positive image on the business as well as your clients. Accepting credit cards will also give your business a level of legitimacy and can help instill rapport and trust with your customers.

Time Savings 
Accepting credit card payments can have a tremendous positive effect on your cash flow. Even if your sales are not increasing, your business will still benefit from the convenience of having your profit from the credit card sale delivered to your bank account instantly.

Higher Sales 
If you do not accept credit cards, you run the risk of losing hundreds of potential customers who are not willing to pay in cash or who do not have other means to make their payments. So if customers are provided with advanced payment options, they are more likely to make more purchases, which will lead to increased product sales.

You need to be perceived as a business owner to get a loan. 
Are you currently processing credit cards?

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Victory Group specializes in business credit options such as:

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To achieve your goal of funding, our Funding Specialist will analyze every aspect of your business and personal credit

How It Works


Our company works with an exclusive network of lenders who are actively approving business lines of credit.

We strategically create a path that enables our clients to start a business, expand their goals of business credit, or increase available cash reserves. Let us help you create a successful path to business funding.

At Victory Group, we specialize in meeting client and lender needs to help bridge the gap in what may be considered the missing pieces to the funding puzzle.

To aid our lenders and clients in obtaining Business Credit, Victory Group will create a plan specifically tailored to your funding needs.

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We work with a wide variety of lenders which provides optimal chances for finding the perfect lending partner for your business. We work with you to set the right elements in place for a viable and compelling loan package to finance your company.

Your financials and business credit may not be perfect or appealing, but patiently counseling with our advisors will help you in becoming the ideal candidate for business financing. We have trained mentors that understand the underwriting guidelines to aid you in assembling loan puzzle so you can obtain the financing you are looking for.